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Safety Inspections & Brake Tests

A safety inspection can be a freestanding inspection of just those items affecting road safety and certain environmental issues. Or it can be part of a more comprehensive inspection that, in addition, takes into account items relating to the vehicle’s work, performance and economic operation. Regular safety inspections are essential to an effective roadworthiness maintenance system. Although a part of the overall vehicle maintenance plan, the inspections should ideally be undertaken as a separate, albeit often sequential, operation to routine servicing and repair.

National statistics show that as vehicles and trailers age, the average annual MOT failure rate increases and they are more likely to experience in-service roadworthiness defects than newer vehicles. Therefore, the guidance has reflected that older vehicles and trailers will need more frequent maintenance, and has indicated a minimum safety inspection frequency of six weeks requirement for vehicles and trailers aged 12 years and older. However, depending on usage, ie low mileage and light conditions, the frequency may be extended.

Although primarily undertaken in the interest of safe vehicle operations, safety inspections– together with prompt remedial action– are also cost effective. The early indication of wear, damage or maladjustment may prevent sudden failure of components resulting in unscheduled downtime or prevent wear becoming so advanced that premature replacement becomes necessary.

Brake Testing

It is advised by VOSA that a brake test should be carried out every six weeks or sequential with a safety inspection. With our mobile brake testing equipment we are able to offer this service separately or as part of a maintenance plan.

We are able to bring the brake testing equipment to you and carry out the brake tests onsite. Please get in touch for more details on this service.

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Services & MOT

Truck, Trailer, Public Service Vehicles, Tail Lift and Hydraulic services include maintenance and repair of: 

  • Axles
  • Hubs and wheels
  • Brakes and compressed air systems
  • Frames
  • Electrical systems
  • Tail Lift including cylinders and manoeuvring unit
  • Hydraulics including cargo shifter, tipper equipment, hydraulic pumps, tanks, cylinders and hoses 

MJB Truck Services Ltd offers contract fleet maintenance packages that covers all safety inspection, service and MOT requirements to meet VOSA standards and British road worthiness legislation.