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Today’s modern vehicles require diagnostic equipment to learn newly fitted clutches to allow for smooth gear change and longer lasting clutch life. MJB Truck Services is equipped with various types of diagnostic equipment to ensure every clutch fitted by us that leaves our workshop will be fully set to manufacturer specifications


MJB Truck Services will identify issues on any type of gearbox you may be experiencing with your trucks and vans. We will aim to repair and rebuild your gearbox by replacing the necessary components required.

We also have access to refurbished gearboxes we can supply to our customers and provide a fitting service that is second to none.


With years of experience working on engines in all makes and models of trucks and vans, our highly trained team of engineers will assist in the repairs and replacement of engines to resolve any issues you are experiencing.

You don’t always need to replace your engine, we will look to carry out engine repairs firstly to save you time and money. We are more often than not able to pinpoint a fault in the performance of your vehicle using our diagnostic equipment to ensure you only pay for is required.